Within this 3 month coaching process, I will share my experience from rehabilitation training with you, to give you guidance in the process to rehabilitation and equine health.
In this process, I will guide you through the whole thing - from calculating the ration, gait analysis, bodywork to training plans and fitness.
Often, I will ask you to consult a vet for clarifying one or the other issue.
We will meet once a week for a consultation, reflect the process, find the next steps.

Furthermore, you will get homework for the next week.
This programm is for all of you who need a help with starting their horse after a break, disease or lameness. We need the go of a vet to start training again. I promise you this program will challenge your habits, let´s you rethink training and build a bond stranger than ever with your horse.
Independent of our shared time, you will need to invest at least 1 hour / min. 5 days a week into your horses health care and uptraining.
Without that investment, we don´t need to start.