Online Academy
Masterclass for implementation artists

As an implementation artist, you don't only think about it - you also do it! Choose in between one or two 1:1 lessons per month.
You have access to the exclusive Training Weekends and have a pool position when it is about scheduling lessons. On top of that, you have full access to the Online Academy.
The exclusive membership area of the online academy is giving you many insights for your work. You will find insights into the backstage area of Equidemia, Celina's training with her boys (from foal to trained horse), training diaries of students on different levels, courses and webinars around Academic Horsemanship, Bodywork, Posture & Behavior and important health topics. Do you know the equine 5 domain model? Here we are living it. Enjoy the community function, connect with students from all over the world and connect in the co-working area. Watch live lessons, ask questions, and present your own expertise. We regularly invite members to Q&As and theme nights. The Academy is bilingual - German and English.
Your questions breathe life into the Academy, and help shape the content.

The monthly subscription fee is varying with the amount of lessons you book (plus VAT on online products, if applicable in your country - not in Norway, US, Canada, Australia etc.) you are a Member of Equidemia Online and enjoy all the benefits. We are good - but we cannot do magic. Therefore, we decided for a minimum commitment of 12 month. If you don't have a log in from before, you get your password automatically via email. If you already have one - just get started!